Ashley’s days were numbered when she found herself trapped in an alleged crack house during a cold January day. Pretty soon, however, this shivering pup would be New York City’s adorable firefighting pup.

When Erica Mahnken and her fiancé Michael Favor found out that a pup had been living under harsh conditions in a local crack house, they instantly knew in their hearts that they had to save her. With the help of their team from No More Pain Rescue which they both founded, they found Ashely in a terrible state. She was but skin and bones with markings of cigarette burn all over her body. If help came any later, it probably would’ve been too late for poor Ashley.

What a relief it must’ve been for Ashley to be saved by kind-hearted people. With enough love and support, Ashley was regaining the strength she had lost but she still had a long way to go. The first thing on their to-do list was to find a forever home that wouldn’t abandon her.

Unfortunately, Erica and Michael couldn’t find a home that could take her in. Hope seemed to fade but the couple didn’t give up. Little Ashley needed a family and the couple wanted to see that through.

The couple called up their friends at the local fire department and asked if Ashley could stay temporarily. Without hesitation, the firefighters took her in and got to spend time with this loving dog.

Out of nowhere, a temporary stay at the firehouse would now be a permanent one. After just spending three days with her, the firefighters fell head over paws for Ashley and wanted to adopt her to everyone’s surprise.

The fire department wasn’t the home the couple expected to give Ashley, but it worked out for the better nevertheless. What once was a pup that needed saving was now a puppy that saves others.

Discover Ashley’s heartwarming story and how she turned from zero to hero with the video below.

Image from Instagram @probyash, Video from YouTube Inside Edition


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