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Going viral on the internet seems to be the trend nowadays. And it’s not just humans who are getting views, likes, and interactions by the thousands. These days, a lot of videos and stories that have gone viral starred adorable and sweet dogs. One of them is the video of a golden retriever named Bailey. Since the date of posting, Bailey’s YouTube channel has gained more than 100,000 subscribers.


How did Bailey get the spotlight? Well, he adopted some bunnies and became friends with them. Living in Costa del Sol, Spain, Bailey’s owner uploaded the video on the video platform YouTube to show how sweet and adorable the friendship was. The video includes a description saying the bunnies are just 22 days old and Bailey is like their mother. It has more than eight million views.


In the said video, the dog was relaxing on the bed while the little rabbits are either laying or running around him. The video caption said that the bunnies seem to think that Bailey is their mother. But of course, Bailey is not the mom because he is a dog and he is a male. According to Taras, Bailey’s owner, the bunnies treat the pup like their mom because he is kind to them and seems to love them very much.

The bunnies also share their food with the golden retriever, who even playfully steals hay from them sometimes. Now, you might be worried about the cute little bunnies, thinking where their real mom is. Not to worry, she is still alive and even lives with the baby rabbits. Charlotte, the mom rabbit, was actually saved from poachers who catch rabbits from their private homes.


Bailey now serves as the rabbits’ guardian. Taras said that the dog adores the rabbits and has been looking after them since the day they were born. If you are curious,  check out the other videos on their channel. The story of Bailey and his baby rabbits has been documented on videos from the day the bunnies were just born – you can watch their journey through those videos.

Thanks to This Is Bailey on YouTube for sharing this adorable story.


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