Today, several people have a hard time coping with the current crisis that the world is facing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several health protocols, like observing social distancing and wearing face masks, especially when going outside, are imposed. Also, because of the quarantine implemented, the elderly are prevented from going out since they are highly susceptible to contracting the virus.

Despite these difficult times, dogs proved how they are reliable in doing what people are supposed to do. They show that they are not solely men’s furry buddies, for they can also be taught and accustomed to doing extraordinary tasks, especially ones that help humans. Sunny, a Golden Retriever, is one of the living proofs of how dogs are considered trustworthy and helpful.

Sunny and his owner, Karen Eveleth, are residents of Manitou Springs. Renee Hellman, an elderly, has been their neighbor for over a decade, and as someone prone to the virus’s risk, Renee has isolated herself. The elder woman has never stepped a foot outside her house after the virus spread in their area.

Now, Karen and Sunny thought of lending a hand to their neighbor by getting her groceries done. Karen came up with a routine where Sunny would get the list of groceries from Renee, and she would go to the store to purchase the listed goods. After buying, Sunny would be the one to deliver the items to Renee.

Sunny became Renee’s official delivery guy, and he never failed to do his job properly. He even enjoyed what he was doing as he thought of this as his exercise. But aside from being a mere delivery guy, Sunny was also a good friend to Renee. He became her pal to lean on, who never made her feel that she was alone.

Sunny’s name indeed proves how he is like a sun, which lights up his owner and neighbor’s mood. And one that shines so bright even during the darkest of times.

Source: Megan Hiler via KKTV


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