Sergi Basoli loved to go kayaking. On one trip, when he was going across the Mediterranean Ocean, he saw Nirvana, an abandoned dog on the coast of Sardinia.

New best friend

When Sergi saw the dog, he immediately paddled to shore. He noticed that the dog was emaciated and had a few wounds.

Nirvana wasn’t shy at all. The dog immediately ran up to Sergi and started licking him. Sergi took this as a sign that the dog already trusted him.

Sergi gave the dog some water and food he brought with him, unsure of when the last time Nirvana had eaten. He tried to find Nirvana’s owners but had no luck in doing so. Sergi then decided to take the dog to a vet. He found out that physically, Nirvana was in good shape.

He was ecstatic. Sergi planned dozens of adventures he could go on with the dog. He tried to train Nirvana for a few days before their first trip together.

Adventure of a lifetime

Sergi had never kayaked with a dog before. He was determined to protect Nirvana on their trip. He put up a makeshift roof out of old clothes to shield Nirvana from the heat and even bought the dog a wind suit to protect her from harsh winds.

Nirvana was a sweet and obedient dog. She would never jump off the kayak without Sergi’s command. She made the adventure less lonely for Sergi.

The pair enjoyed swimming and climbing rocks together to past time. They loved to go on an occasional hike up a mountain and go camping sometimes as well.

Sergi used to have moments where he felt alone on his adventures. He never had to worry about being alone anymore.

Sergi had always loved kayaking. But his love doubled when he realized that through kayaking, he found his best friend, Nirvana.

Watch the incredible story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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