Melissa Lambert and her husband Thom, who live in Waynesboro, PA thought they could no longer bring in a dog to their household. With three young children with ages ranging from 3 to 8, having a dog is an additional workload.

However, Lambert met a 4-year old Treeing Walker Coonhound named Edgar. Edgar turned up at the shelter where she brings her kids regularly to play. At what was once labeled as “unadoptable,” she felt drawn to the dog and couldn’t resist to take him in.

Who would have thought that this “unadoptable” dog will suddenly become a hero when he scared off a man looking for a child to abduct?

At around 1:20 am, Sunday of April 28, 2019, the Lamberts arrived home from an out-of-town funeral. The children quickly fell asleep after they tucked them into bed with Edgar in their room, where he usually slept. However, two hours later that night, the pooch became restless and started losing his mind.

Thom thought, it is unusual for someone like Edgar, who’s usually a laid-back dog. After a while, Thom heard footsteps in the kitchen downstairs.

He knew about the abduction of a 4-year old girl named Gemma Moats, who also lived in town and who’s abduction happened just a few nights prior. The poor girl was locked into a wooden box but then escaped in the morning.

Knowing about this, he made sure to lock the doors and windows before going to bed.

When Thom saw that their kitchen window was open, he immediately grabbed two kitchen knives and hurried to the girls’ bedrooms. Thankfully, they were safely sleeping. He woke them up and led them to their room where his wife was.

Thom immediately called 911, and when the police came, he explained what had happened and his suspicions. He told the police that on the night Gemma was abducted, Edgar was also behaving abnormally and barking aggressively.

Thom suspected that the suspect was already skulking across their property but then decided to go to Gemma’s house when he saw an 80-pound dog in the yard. The police later confirmed his suspicions.

Thinking that the suspect still came back after three nights to get one or more of his kids made Tom’s blood run cold. But because of Edgar, that didn’t happen.

The suspect Thomas Dewald, 20, was arrested and apprehended that night.

The police confirmed that the Dewald paused initially at Lambert’s property on the night of Gemma’s abduction, but heard the dog barking. He hesitated whether he would wait or move on. After hearing that the dog was getting more and more aggressive, the suspect decided to flee.

Edgar’s behavior that night saved the girls from being abducted. The Lamberts didn’t even think that their Edgar, who’s lazy and laid-back when they’re around, would be the one to save their family from a possible unfortunate situation.

Thanks to Edgar, who, from being “unadoptable,” is now a hero who saved the lives of three young girls.

Extending our thanks to Penn Live for sharing the original story.


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