A film crew was filming in the area when they saw a homeless Pit Bull roaming around. They knew that they needed to ask someone to help this canine and give it a home.

You can tell that the dog has gone through some abuse due to the injuries that he has. A good Samaritan stayed with the dog for over an hour until the Hope For Paws team got there. He made sure that the dog will not run off and get hurt.

When the team arrived, they offered the dog some cheeseburger. He was a little cautious but still ate as he seems to be very hungry. The team tried to put on the leash while feeding the canine which spooked him.

The dog tried to leave, so they offered him more food. The Pitbull stayed for more cheeseburger and affection. Where they were then able to put the lucky leash on him.

This rescue was a team effort from the film crew, to the rescuers. Without every single one of them, this rescue would not have been possible.

The crew even checked on the dog and was very happy to know that he was safe. There are still kind people around.

When the Pitbull was brought into the car, not much effort was exerted as the canine, who they named Wilbur, excitedly hopped in. This sweet dog even stayed on the front seat. Talk about enthusiastic!

Wilbur was brought to the vet where he has become such a good patient. You can say that he enjoyed every step of the process. For this once homeless and abused Pitbull, life has once again looked bright.

Wilbur knows that he has a brighter future because of the rescue. And the rescuers are contented that Wilbur has been given a chance at life.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube


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