Do you remember being a kid when we wished we were sick because we got to eat the food we wanted? It’s a double treat when Grams or a favorite aunt is around to give us what we demand, no questions asked.

It’s probably what this pittie felt when he came down with one of those nasty stomach viruses. A quick visit to the vet resulted in some prescriptions and a diet order, so this doggo had to follow.

The adorable black pittie’s name is Debo, and he wasn’t shy when it came to asking for what he needed. He marched up to his mom with his little food bowl in his mouth.

Debo then made a show, detailing how his food bowl was empty, and because he was recovering from sickness, that shouldn’t be the case.

The pittie put his bowl on the floor, then pretended to eat the non-existent food to prove that there’s nothing there. His mom found her pet’s flair for drama hilarious, and she burst out laughing.

She apologized if she took too long to give Debo his grub. The pittie wanted a little more flavorful fare after the vet ordered that bland diet. The last thing his mom fed him was chicken and rice, and he wanted more.

Well, if that isn’t asking for a second helping like a boss, we don’t know what is. He just straight up went to mama, knowing that she’d be intelligent enough to understand what was needed.

Debo, you’re one smart doggo. That dramatic entrance got your hooman in a great mood, and then you made her laugh. We think you’d make a great negotiator, pet!

We do not doubt that Debo got that second helping of chicken and rice. We’ll try your tactic and see if it works for us too!

Photo and video credits to Mia Lanette via YouTube


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