Silvio Siamo has a very lazy dog named Sparky. Sparky does not like to exercise at all, so Silvio was surprised when his mini bull terrier became his main workout partner. A month ago, Silvio would have never believed his five-year-old dog would join him in exercising.

The world knows Italy has suffered greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Silvio Siamo’s life has changed drastically in the last month, as has many other peoples’ lives. While under strict quarantine in Italy, Silvio has been very thankful to have his mini bull terrier, Sparky, by his side.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, Sparky could always be found lying around and cuddling with family at home. Silvio called his five-year-old bull terrier a very lazy dog, who usually gives up in the middle of walks. Silvio said Sparky usually lies down on the pavement and forces Silvio to do the hard work.

But now that Silvio is sequestered at home, Sparky has learned to love working out with Silvio. Silvio and Sparky have come up with a plan that helps Silvio keep fit while occupying Sparky with something fun to do.

Sparky will usually sit nearby Silvio so that while Silvio is working out, Sparky can wait for a kiss from his owner. The smart bull terrier has figured out that by strategically placing himself in front of his owner, Silvio will kiss him during push-ups or squats.

Silvio loves Sparky’s involvement because it helps lifts the Italian man’s spirits while he is confined to his home. Silvio said he enjoys his work out time with Sparky, as it’s a good way to pass the time alone at home. Sparky’s kisses help Silvio forget the state of emergency his country is in currently.

For the mini bull terrier, quarantine has worked in his favor. Sparky loves having Silvio by his side all day long. Silvio said in addition to their workouts, Silvio and Sparky play together, make dog cookies, and video chat with friends.

Credits: SPARKY Instagram


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