After being used to breed, you are left alone on the streets to survive on your own. This is what this dog went through. So for her to be rescued and given a home, is a dream that any dog lover would want for her.

A very concerned neighbor called Hope For Paws team to rescue this labrador. The same neighbor tried to catch her but failed. The call out for help was a much-needed one.

When the team Hope For Paws arrived, they saw the dog sleeping on the sidewalk. They tried sneaking up quietly to try and catch her but to no avail. They followed her and just waited.

When she went into someone’s yard was the perfect opportunity for them. With the property owner’s permission, they were able to catch the Labrador and bring her to the hospital finally.

Since they walked a distance when following the Yellow Labrador, another kind neighbor offered them a ride back to their car. This whole neighborhood seems to be filled with genuinely kind people.

The rescuers named her Perla. As they checked Perla for any microchip, it showed that she did not have any. Perla also finally started to warm up to her rescuers as she finally wagged her tail.

Just seeing her physical state, one can tell that she was used for breeding. After getting what they wanted from her, they just abandoned her. It’s not right.

Thanks to Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, just a few weeks after Perla’s arrival, they found her a family that would take care of her.

Thanks to people who genuinely cared, Perla is now living happily with their new family. A dog is someone to love and care for. If you do, they will gladly return the favor.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube


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