Some dogs are lucky to have responsible owners who take them to the vet (despite some protestations and anxiety). But there are some pooches who have no choice but to look after themselves.

There’s one stray dog in Brazil that limped into a veterinarian’s clinic, and he was clearly asking for help. He even showed his injured paw to get his point across.

Here’s the Brazilian pup’s touching story:

A brave dog wanted to live

Security camera footage from a clinic located in Brazil’s Juazeiro do Norte showed a black dog walking into the facility with a recognizably painful gait. He then sat down by a wall.

Soon enough, one of the vets spotted the dog. She then left the counter and went over to the stray to check him.

The dog probably sensed that help was approaching, so he showed her his injured paw. He then waited patiently while a staff member alerted others about the pup’s wound.

The dog underwent further examinations. And it was found out that he had a cancerous tumor!

The vet treated the pup

Dayse Silva, one of the clinic’s vets, believed that the stray might have entered the clinic because he smelled the presence of other animals. He was probably looking for companionship.

Dayse explained that the poor pup had a venereal tumor, which was transmissible. The dog, which didn’t have a name at the time, would remain at the clinic for at least 30 days. Within that period, he would receive chemotherapy treatment. Once the black dog was well enough, he would be discharged and put up for adoption.

Dayse, who had a habit of feeding and watering stray animals outside the clinic, said that she was very happy to have helped the pup. She admitted that it was a common practice in her clinic. She also said that if God would permit, the dog would find a very good home.

Video Source: Storylines via YouTube


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