It was 2011 when doctors detected that Stuart Hutchinson had a brain tumor. He had surgery and also underwent several sessions of chemotherapy.

He was in remission for 3 years. But in 2014 and 2018, he had a relapse. Stuart consulted back with his doctors, and after a scan, they determined the disease has already spread. It has advanced to Stuart’s brain, bones, up to his pelvis.

Upon his request, Stuart got discharged from the hospital and brought back home. He said he wanted to take his last breath at home, so his family fulfilled his wish. The Hutchinsons took care of Stuart for about 4 weeks, until he finally left.

On August 11th, Stuart left his family at around 01:15 in the afternoon. And about 15 minutes later, Nero, his French bulldog, dies without warning. Danielle, Stuart’s wife, was devastated having lost the two

Stuart’s mom, Fiona, describes Stuart and Nero as inseparable. Since joining the family 2 years ago, Nero never left his dad’s side, especially when Stuart started to get sick. The pup was always with him, every chance he gets.

The family didn’t even know that Nero was feeling unwell. If not for Danielle’s broken glasses, her dad would not have gone to their home, and no one would have known the dog needed some veterinary care.

Danielle’s dad rushed Nero to the emergency animal hospital where the vet determined that something in the pup’s spine. They were utterly shocked because Nero was perfectly fine for the last few days. And it seemed unimaginable for him to just fall ill without apparent reasons.

The Hutchinsons knew that they didn’t have much time left with Stuart. But it’s still tough for the family to accept that Stuart is gone. Nevertheless, they try to be strong, especially Danielle, considering she lost Stuart and their dog Nero.

Credits to Hutchinson Family via South West News Service


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