It was another typical day in New York City when all of a sudden, an accident happened. A dog walker got hit by a passing car while he was crossing the streets. He was knocked over and lost hold of his dog’s leash in the process.

Harper, the black and white pup, was beyond frightened by what happened that she bolted off and somehow ended in the East River by the Brooklyn Barge. Given that she was only two years old and had never swum in her entire life, Harper struggled to stay afloat in the water. Poor dog, she was almost on the verge of drowning.

Throughout the incident, a man named Gabriel Castellanos was celebrating his 38th birthday with his friends along the same river. While in the middle of his birthday party, he noticed the commotion after someone called out for Harper, who was swimming farther from the shore due to extreme panic. Eventually, she started looking like a tiny black speck from the distance she created.

Horrified onlookers were watching the whole thing and had no idea what to do. Fortunately, the birthday boy Castellanos was quite skilled in water rescues. He immediately sprung into action, taking off his pants and grabbing a life jacket. Without thinking twice, he jumped into the water to save the drowning dog.

The rescue turned out to be a success, but Castellanos was severely hurt after he got bit by Harper on the face and hand. His teeth were also knocked out, so he needed to undergo a dental repair. Regardless, he was still happy to put his water rescue skills into use to save the little pup.

Without Castellanos’s quick thinking, the poor dog would not have made it. Good thing Castellanos celebrated his birthday at the right place. He sure deserved to be called a hero because of his selfless act.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube


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