Finding a lost dog may not be easy. You don’t know what to expect. Good thing there are still good people who will go out of their way just to be of help.

Jason Gasparic went to a friend’s house on a Friday night. While he was driving home, he saw something that made him pull over. He noticed that a dog was running around in circles looking so confused and scared.

He tried to chase the dog, but she won’t let her guard down. A police officer tried to help, but she still wouldn’t give up. After an hour of chasing, Gasparic decided to run around the parking area near them so she would be tempted to chase him.


Fortunately, it worked! The dog finally got tired and laid down to rest. He already has the chance to grab her neck scruff. He brought her to the vet clinic to get her microchip checked. And it’s confirmed! It’s a lost dog. But the case was not yet solved. The ID number wasn’t registered to any owner.

Gasparik knew that he had to think of something to help the dog reunite to her rightful owner. When they reached home, he posted regarding a lost dog on Facebook and used PawBoost. It’s a service where you can expand the reach of posts on Facebook.

While he was doing his best to find the dog’s owner, the dog was more concerned about getting some snuggles. When Gasparik brought her to his house, the first thing she did was jumped on his bed and lick him all over his face. She looked so excited and confused at the same time.

The following day, Gasparik decided to do it the old-fashioned way. He made a signboard and went to the area where he found the dog. Gasparik stood at the side of the road while holding the signboard that he made.

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Posted by Leigh Allen Sherrill on Saturday, March 2, 2019


He felt stupid for doing it. He almost stopped, but he continued anyway. He started to attract people’s attention. He would wave and smile at them hoping that they would recognize the dog. Some even started taking pictures of him.

Gasparik was thinking of his business trip on Monday. He knew that he had a limited time to reunite the dog with her owner. So, on Sunday, he brought the dog, and they went to Charlotte, North Carolina with his signboard.

Good thing, he didn’t have to stand there for too long. It was 12:30 when a woman told him that she knows where the dog’s owner is. She said that a man was driving around trying to find his lost dog. She connected Gasparik to Ed, the dog’s owner. They agreed to meet. As soon as they got near Ed’s truck, Ed shouted “Roxy Girl!”

Roxy immediately wagged her tail and recognized Ed. She was so happy to see him. Gasparik still decided to check all the paperwork that Ed had with him to make sure that he’s the owner. And it was a match to Roxy’s chip.

Credit: WCNCLeigh Allen Sherrill

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