It’s fun to see dogs with special talents. Sometimes talented dogs can become sought after by tourists and people who like to see amazing things. Tongki is one such dog. He is famous for being the rider dog.

Tongki is known inside a certain tourist camp as the dog who loves to ride. He knows how to ride a kayak. He also knows how to ride an all-terrain vehicle. Of course, he is not the one driving, but he is a very good passenger.

Not every dog can ride the way that Tongki does. There is another dog named Soobong. He lives in the same area as Tongki. He’s a dalmatian who is eager to ride the ATV. However, the owners know he can’t balance as well as Tongki.

After Soobong’s failed attempt at balancing on the ATV, Tongki returns for another ride. Sometimes Tongki becomes obsessed with riding that he refuses to step down from the vehicle.

Tongki was adopted by the people at the camp when he was three months old. He was an abandoned dog with an emotional scar. Soon, people learned that riding is what makes the dog happy. He will ride anything the people ride as well.

Aside from ATV and Kayaks, Tongki can also ride on the back of a donkey. It requires more balancing skills because the donkey moves a lot. Tongki has no problem keeping his balance.

Since Tongki loves to ride so much, his owners decided to get him a special gift. They went to a store and purchased a remote-controlled vehicle for dogs. It was nice to see Tongki enjoying his very own ride. It looks like he was the one driving.

Dogs who suffered in the past deserve to become happy. In Tongki’s case, other people also become happy when they see him ride things. This dog is in a place where he belongs.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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