Imagine yourself being put in a sealed box and left in a corner in a park. That is exactly what happened to Casey and her nine puppies when a kind person found them in a landfill in British Columbia, Canada.

A heartless dog owner left the poor animals to the mercy of the elements without even any comfortable material that will somehow protect them. And to think that the box was totally sealed meant that the heartless person did not want the dogs to escape or to have anybody discover the content of the box.

Luckily, one passerby became curious about what was inside the box and opened it. The person found a very thin mother dog with her nine pups that were able to survive by suckling their mom’s remaining milk. The pups were just a week old. The mother dog was very courageous and determined to let her pups to survive amid their poor condition.

The person who found the poor dogs immediately brought them to a local veterinarian. After taking care of them for the night, they were turned over to the group that takes care of animals that experienced cruelty. Since there was no waiting foster family who can adopt them, they were brought to their group’s local branch to ensure that the brood was taken care of.

The staff was shocked to know about the circumstances of the dogs. Abandoning dogs or any animal is illegal, so they hope that the former owner can be made to answer for their actions. Despite her condition, Casey had been very attentive to the needs of her babies.

At first, Casey was quite afraid of the people in the shelter but she soon became comfortable when she observed that people were kind and helpful. Now, the center is waiting until the puppies are at least 2 months old before they will be up for adoption.

Casey is finally happy that they are safe. Meantime, the BS SPCA is also actively looking for information on who abandoned Casey and her pups.

Please watch a related video below.

Source: Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia via Youtube



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