A pet owner who has a pregnant pet would do anything to ensure that the animal stays safe and healthy during the entire pregnancy until the delivery. Responsible pet owners are willing to spend huge amounts of money for the dog’s check-ups, medications and vitamins, and laboratory tests. They want to make sure that the puppies would be delivered safely and well.

This is true for Ashlee Holland, an animal welfare advocate. She has always had a soft spot for animals. She makes sure that she spends a portion of her time in fulfilling her duties as an animal rescue volunteer.

One day, during her usual visits to the animal shelter, a dog captured her attention. She could not help but take notice of Ava, a golden chow who was pregnant at that time and looks like she is about to give birth any time soon. Being a mother herself, she knows how crucial it is for any pregnant woman to be in a safe and healthy environment during and after the pregnancy.

Ashlee decided to bring Ava home so she can look after her given her situation. When she got the approval for her to adopt Ava, she also brought her to a vet for a check-up. Ava also went through an X-ray to ensure the puppies in her tummy are all doing fine. The X-ray results showed that Ava is carrying seven puppies in her belly, and she can give birth anytime.

Just about two weeks after Ashlee brought Ava home, she went into labor. Hours later, she delivered five puppies. Then after almost two hours, two more puppies came out.

Ashlee thought Ava was done, so she already cleaned up the area where the dog gave birth to her puppies. The next day, Ashlee was ultimately surprised when she saw a few more puppies beside Ava. At the back of her mind, she realized that X-ray results could go wrong. But still, she is happy that Ava delivered her puppies safely.

Watch the video below:

Video source: Facts Box via YouTube


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