On November 15, the Mexican Marine Secretariat shared a video of a rescue on Facebook. The video shows a golden retriever clinging to the exterior of a building in a flooded street amid Hurricane Eta in Mexico. An officer lovingly patted the dog as the rescue boat approached and assisted him onto the tiny boat.

Hurricane Eta and two cold fronts hit Tabasco and other parts of southern Mexico earlier this month and caused widespread devastation. According to Mexico News Daily, heavy rains triggered the worst flooding in Mexico’s state in 50 years. Eric Ramirez, the rescue worker, said that after the team saw the dog, they immediately approached him with caution.

The dog was initially afraid and flinching at every step Ramirez made, but he was soon won over and cautiously approached the boat. He then carefully climbed onboard with the help of his savior. When the dog is securely inside, he shakes his head vigorously and wags his tail happily.

They moved the dog to a larger boat and when they arrived on solid ground, they examined him and gave him clean drinking water. Afterward, they brought the dog to the Mexican Naval Secretariat. And after some time, officers from the group announced that they accepted the dog into their ranks because no one had come forward to claim him.

According to authorities, the dog has a lot of promise and they strongly believe that he could be a rescue dog. They planned to start training him once he’d completely recovered. The officers also asked the public to help them name the newest member of their team.

Many submitted their entries and most of them could not wait to know the chosen name for the adorable dog. The golden retriever is now safe and ready to begin a new chapter in his life, thanks to the brave rescuers who are always eager to help whenever and wherever.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: NowThis News


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