The world saw the devastating wildfires that ravaged the Southeast region of Australia. Its forests are home to various endangered species, rousing concerns that some may be at the edge of extinction, amidst reports of high animal casualty.

Authorities have already pleaded to the civilians to evacuate. Locals felt that this is the worst in recent memory. Distraught residents appealed for prayers and help. Their call echoed throughout the world, who responded through donations of every kind.

But now and then, we see stories of hope that warm our fur hearts. A few days after the year ended, a video made rounds leaving netizens in awe.

An Australian Navy ship housed 135 dogs and its owners who fled from the raging fires in Mallacoota. They never considered leaving their fur family behind.

Using pallet boards and containers, the Navy set up makeshift pens for the dogs. Accordingly, there were 135 dogs, two cats, two birds, and a rabbit. The evacuees had a long rough night, and so did their pets.

The ship set up its vehicle bay for the temporary shelter of the dogs for almost 30 hours. Luckily, these dogs did not seem to mind. Here they are seen happily trotting along. Some even able to rest peacefully while watching others walk by.

One curious Fido even got close to the camera to say hello. It was such a nice breather to see these pets oblivious to the chaos going on outside. The comfort they provide to their owners diverts their attention from the trauma.

Even when faced with adversities, knowing we have all our family members ( pets and humans alike) safe and sound, we will welcome tomorrow bravely and with a hopeful heart. Everyone with fur babies lauds the effort of the Navy ship to make them feel at home amidst the lashing fires.

Source Storyful via Youtube


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