Kai, a charming Golden Retriever, used to weigh 173 pounds. His former family brought him to the vet to have him euthanized. Thankfully, fate intervened, and Kai was placed in the foster care of a lady who loves him so much. You wouldn’t believe how much Kai has changed after shedding 100 pounds off in just a year.

The problem with Kai’s weight

Kai was more than just chubby dog with an adorable round body. He was severely overweight. Because of Kai’s obesity, the dog wasn’t able to do much. He would just lay down most times because getting up was such a struggle. He would walk a few steps, and he’d get tired. It takes so long to walk down the stairs and needed help to get into the car.

Kai’s former family was troubled by his overwhelming weight that they decided to have him put down at the vet. When Kai arrived at the clinic, he gave the vet one sweet look, and the good doctor was enamored. Instead of putting the obese dog to sleep, the vet contacted Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue in hopes that they’d be able to get Kai a new home.

The rescue then got in touch with Pam Heggie, who agreed to foster Kai. Pam didn’t expect that Kai was that huge. She remembers comparing Kai’s size to a table.

Pam knew getting Kai into a healthier shape would take some time and lots of effort, but she committed herself in helping the dog get a new shot at life.

Kai’s transformation

Pam devised a plan for Kai’s weight-loss journey. She started with the most basic thing: walking. Pam would take Kai for a walk thrice a day, often at the nearby street or the park. She didn’t give Kai treats, and she closely monitored the dog’s diet. She also put Kai in water therapy to strengthen his hind legs and increase his range of motion.

Although Kai was off to a slow start, he was making small progress day after day. Soon enough, Kai was able to jump over a branch and hop onto the bed. He could jump inside the car unassisted, walk longer, and even played with the other dogs at the park.

Indeed, Pam did a great work in helping Kai lose weight, but she also credits Kai’s perseverance and commitment. Kai has been positive, even joyful throughout the journey. After one year, Kai lost 100 pounds, and he can now do all the things regular dogs can.

Kai’s story tells us to trust the process, believe in ourselves, and put in the work with a positive mindset.

Thanks to This Is Kai.


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