Naji Al-Anwar was a Chicago resident who deeply adored his rescued Pitbull Cora. When he noticed that the Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC) needed help in raising funds, he resigned from his job to start his passion project.

Open for business

Naji was a freelance sound engineer that wasn’t getting much satisfaction from his job. Once he saw the animal shelter struggling to maintain its facility, he took it upon himself to open a dog-themed coffee shop.

The Ludlow Charlingtons Coffee Shop was a big dream for Naji and his wife. The European-styled business was an 800-square feet shop that only had two tables and eleven counter seats. Even so, the canine-centered decorations made the place homey and inviting.

Naji worked closely with the founder of FCACC Charlie Propsom. The two of them talked passionately about how important saving dogs were and how they could work together to help.

Support system

Putting up a business during the COVID-19 Pandemic was a huge struggle but with perseverance, Naji succeeded. The little shop in Lincoln Park gathered a lot of attention and Naji was so glad to donate a percentage to the shelter.

Thinking of many other ways to help, Naji planned different events that would highlight shelter dogs. One of which was an adoption program that could take place just outside the shop.

Many animal shelters like the FCACC saw that there was a surge in adoptions during the pandemic. Unfortunately, they lacked so much support and funding to properly take care of the canines left at the facility.

When Naji found his own dog Cora at the shelter, he saw that a lot of the Pitbulls were sad and ignore. He wanted to inspire other dog lovers to take a chance on the breed and give them the opportunity at a good life.

Ludlow Charlingtons still had a long way to go but Naji knew that his pure intentions shown brightly through his business. Hopefully, more shelter dogs get the recognition and forever families that they deserved.

Photo Source: Ludlow Charlingtons via Facebook


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