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In 2018, Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas. The calamity affected both people and animals, especially cats and dogs. Good thing, many people went out of their ways and helped in rescuing these animals.

Pastor Matthew Drake of Richlands United Pentecostal Church in Jacksonville is one of the few who responded to the call of the times. Along with his two parishioners, the pastor helped out in the rescue operations during the hurricane. Initially, the three planned to locate humans who might be stranded in the floodwaters. But later on, they ended up saving dogs and cats.

The heroism of the trio got captured on video and did not go unnoticed. As the three were navigating the flooded streets while riding a boat, the rescuers came across two dogs and two kittens. The three immediately went to that area and helped the trapped animals.

It was Adriana Diaz, a CBS News Correspondent, who took the video as the three rescued the abandoned animals. The three then brought the animals to safety. After this, these rescuers, yet again, went to find more stranded humans and animals. During their search and rescue operations, Pastor Drake and his two other companions rescued at least eight dogs and five kittens.

In a later interview, Pastor Drake said they did what they did because it was needed. According to the pastor, in times of calamities, it will be the people who should look after each other. He added that he wants to serve as an inspiration for people to help even in the smallest of things.

While they originally planned to be of help to stranded individuals, the pastor and his team extended their support to animals. They believe that these animals could not survive on their own. After all, animals are also God’s creation, Pastor Drake said.

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