Babs Fry is widely known in Southern California as the woman to call if your pet is missing. She receives dozens of calls each day asking for her help to find their cats or dogs. Although she is a realtor, she also calls herself a pet recovery specialist. And one of her more interesting cases is when she had to rescue a dog who was living in the sewers.

Endless maze

Babs received a report that a dog was living in the sewage system in San Diego, California. For more than a week, people could hear howling and whining coming out from underneath the streets. It was as if the dog is crying out for help. No one knows how she got there, but they were concerned that she wasn’t able to come out.

Intrigued, Babs went to the area where the howling was frequently heard. She gathered information and assessed the situation. She found out that the sewers were an endless maze of pipes and there was a danger that they could drive the dog anywhere in that mess. This would make the rescue more difficult.

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She carefully formulated a plan and even asked his fellow pet recovery specialist Mike Noon to help her out. She also called her personal plumber, to assist her with his remote-controlled robotic camera.

The first part of their plan is to seal off some of the exits by inflating large rubber balls. They want to able to control the direction that the dog would go. They then used the robotic camera to locate the dog. Once they found her, they used the robot to nudge her to their designated area.

Once the dog was there, they were able to catch her with a snare.

The dog was understandably scared. Babs had to go down the sewer and give her comfort. after some time, the anxious dog simmered down and finally realized that they were there to help her.

Forever home

The dog, which they named Stormy, was brought to a foster home. No owner has come forward and there was no microchip found on her.

After a few months, the foster decided to permanently adopt Stormy.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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