Chapo was a Pitbull that was chained in his previous owner’s yard for over four years. Luckily, animal control rescued him and brought him to the local shelter where he met Claudia, the woman that changed his life.

Meeting Chapo

Claudia was known for fostering dogs. When Chapo came into the shelter, she immediately volunteered to take care of him.

The first few days in his new home, Chapo would sit in front of the door and stare at it as if he didn’t know how to act inside of a house. Claudia knew that Chapo had been through a lot since he hadn’t been given any proper food, water, and shelter in the last four years. Claudia was determined to make Chapo comfortable so she can help him find his very own forever home.

It became a challenge when Chapo started to have anxiety attacks. Chapo would tremble and Claudia would wrap him in a blanket and cuddle with him.

After a few days, Chapo began to trust Claudia. Claudia’s room then became Chapo’s safe space where he sought comfort.

Journey to forever home

As the weeks passed, Chapo began to come out of his shell. One day, Claudia took him outside where her two-year-old niece was. Chapo and Claudia’s niece spent the whole afternoon running around and playing with each other.

Claudia saw how Chapo developed and blossomed into a very gentle yet playful dog. She then felt emotional since Chapo was one step closer to finding his forever home.

Despite it being hard for her to say goodbye to Chapo, Claudia knew Chapo deserved a happy life. All that was left for her to do was keep Chapo happy until the perfect person came to adopt him.

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Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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