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Brian Rand recently faced one of the most challenging events in his life. A fire razed the man’s house with all his things left inside. While saddened, Rand is still thankful that no one got hurt during the fire. All thanks to his dog named Curly for saving his life.

It was the pooch who woke him up when the fire started to spread inside the house. Rand said that he was tired that day, so he was not able to wake up from the alarms. Rand added that if it were not for the bravery of Curly, he does not know if he would still be alive today.

With Curly’s bravery and presence of mind, the community where Rand and the pooch belong honored the dog. The entire Beaufort County gathered to honor the dog’s display of bravery during rough times. The leaders of the town said that they were impressed that the dog knew what to do when the fire broke out.

Rand was beaming with pride when he brought the pooch to the town hall to receive his medal. Rand joined the dog in walking to the stairs to receive the medal. The entire community happily applauded the pooch, in support of Curly.

Several people, especially their neighbors, were present during Curly’s recognition day. It was not only their neighbors, though, who attended. Several dogs are also present during the event. These dogs joined their parents, and their parents want that they should draw inspiration from Curly’s bravery.

Even before the dog’s display of courage, Curly is already popular within the community because the pooch was very cheerful. Rand and Curly would usually walk around the neighborhood and play with other dogs. Rand is thankful that the town is appreciative of what the dog did in saving his life.

Credits to WTAJ TV.


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