A puppy and a calf form an unexpected bond, drawn to each other by their need for friendship.

Juliana CastaƱeda Turner, the co-founder of the farm animal shelter Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia, saved the puppy first. The rescuer chanced upon a litter of four puppies outside a house, and all of them were dying of hunger.

Juliana spoke to the dogs’ owners and told them she would bring the puppies to a veterinary clinic. She never returned and instead took the animals with her after they received medical attention.

Image credit: Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary on Facebook

The rescuer eventually found forever homes for three of the puppies, but the smallest one stayed with her at the farm. She named him Sri Ram.

About a month later, Juliana learned of a calf that needed a new home. The young bull’s owners, who ran a small dairy farm, contacted her to see if she would take in the animal.

After all, they only had use for females who produced milk. The calf, named Bernie, would undoubtedly end up at a slaughterhouse for meat if he had nowhere else to go.

As such, Juliana adopted Bernie even if they were running out of space for large animals at the sanctuary. She placed him with the older dogs, who weren’t likely to harass the young bull.

However, Bernie didn’t have anyone to play with. The senior canines couldn’t match his energy, but it was also too risky to play with the adult cows, who might end up trampling the calf.

Juliana’s co-founder then suggested introducing Sri Ram to the young bull. The pup was old enough to play with the other animals at the farm, and he was also a bit lonely like Bernie.

It turned out to be a great idea. The puppy and the calf formed a strong bond almost as soon as they met. They were two animals looking for a trusted friend in an unfamiliar place, and they found it in each other.

Now, Sri Ram and Bernie are inseparable. They love doing everything together, be it playing around the sanctuary or taking naps. Indeed, they will remain best friends forever, growing old by each other’s side on the farm.

Watch Sri Ram and Bernie’s beautiful story in the video below:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube


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