While he was sitting on a bench, unable to move with his leash on, a little puppy started to wonder when his family would come back to pick him up. Soon, strangers began to gather around him. The dog could sense that something was not right.

Marcela Goldberg and her fellow rescuer, Azul Galindo, rushed to the scene immediately after hearing about the abandoned puppy. The news was not a surprise to Marcela. Since the pandemic began, there has been an increase in the number of dogs that were being abandoned in her town.

When Marcela arrived, several neighbors were already gathered around the puppy. They tried to give him water and food because he was left on the bench with nothing. Unfortunately, the dog was too terrified. He was growling and snipping, making it hard for people to get close.

Next to the puppy was a note that was weighed down by a rock. According to the letter, the golden retriever mix’s name was Max. Although it was a painful decision, Max’s former owner decided to leave him there because his family mistreated the pup.

The owner made an appeal to those who are reading the letter. He asked them to adopt Max and provide him his much-needed proper care. If they cannot, he asked to leave the letter in its place so others can read it and take the pup in.

Max shook upon seeing that Marcela was approaching him. Marcela wore protective gloves so she can safely and confidently get close to Max. However, even with food, Max still did not feel at ease.

So, the rescuers contacted a trainer who has experience with aggressive dogs. They let him watch the situation and give them instructions while on a video call. Eventually, they managed to pass the loop over Max’s head and cut his chain.

Max’s attitude changed immediately after the rescuers cut his chain. Although he was still frightened, he was no longer growling. Marcela started to pet Max gently when they got in the car. The moment they arrived at the shelter, Max had already calmed down.

Since then, the seven-month-old puppy, now called Boston, has learned to trust people again. According to Marcela, Boston is sweet and affectionate. He loves giving kisses and playing with the ball that the vet gave him.

Days after he was rescued, Boston completely transformed. His rescuers are now starting to review his adoption applications to ensure that he finds the best possible home. Hopefully, it will be one that will treat him right and never make him worry again.

Credit: Mascotas Coyoacan


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