Have you ever worked so hard for something, only to see it crash due to inevitable circumstances? We all have. Most of us, however, don’t respond to these events well. Some of us even take things too seriously.

The puppy, in our video shows us that we all have different responses to unpleasant situations in life. He just does it in an adorable way that will make you say, “It’s okay.”

Angus is a young puppy who loves to play on the beach. He loves frolicking in the sand, running to and fro, and enjoying the feel of the sand on his skin. And one thing he loves to do on the beach the most is digging holes in the sand.

This adorable dog loves to dig holes as if he’s looking for something buried deep beneath the surface, or as if he’s hiding something of great importance, like a bone maybe. Whether he finds something, or hides something, or does neither, he just loves digging.

One day, Angus and his human went to the beach to have some fun under the sun. The playful puppy, as usual, dug a hole in the sand. This time, however, he dug a hole near the water. And as the tide was rising, water was slowly creeping up.

The little puppy didn’t notice that the waves were approaching the hole he dug. He kept digging and digging, and every time a wave came near, he’d bark at it as if to say, “Get away from my hole!”

Soon, the water rose higher, and the waves started coming nearer and nearer. Angus didn’t mind; he kept digging and playing in the hole as if it was the most important thing in the world to him. Then suddenly, the inevitable happened: a wave came, and water filled the hole.

Angus was shocked as he jumped off the saltwater-filled hole. “Oh no, my hole,” his face seemed to say. The dog wanted to play in the crevice that he dug, but couldn’t, as the waters kept rushing in. He tried to dig on its edges again, but the waves kept coming.

Poor little Angus lost what he worked for because of something he couldn’t control. Thankfully, he didn’t lose the most important thing to him: his human.

Angus’s story reminds us that while some things are beyond our control, these shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the life that we live with the people that matter the most: our loved ones. Watch his video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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