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Not all stories that started with a bad narrative would end badly. This is what this pooch named Lucky proved to people. The dog’s story began with a rather horrible storyline. This was after police officers discovered his nearly lifeless body in his owner’s truck.

Based on the police officers’ findings, the dog consumed his owners’ stash of heroin, leaving him in need of emergency medical care. The police officers immediately brought the pooch to a nearby animal clinic to receive the care he needed. Fortunately, Dr. Stacie Fowler of North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic revived the dog.

According to Dr. Stacie, when the pooch arrived, Lucky was lethargic and almost comatose. Add to this was that the dog’s oxygen level was fluctuating. Dr. Stacie added that if not for the police officers’ prompt response, the pooch would not have survived.

Meanwhile, the dog’s former owners got arrested for illegal possession of drugs. The police officers caught the owners while changing price tags inside their house. Luck, on the other hand, had to stay at the clinic for a few more days to recover.

When the pooch finally recovered, Lucky was brought to the Carrollton Animal Services. This is because he no longer has a family at home. After all, his previous owners got arrested. Additionally, the owners are not fit to take care of the adorable dog.

The volunteers from the animal shelter said that the pooch was lovely. At the same time, Lucky is also a smart pet because he could do basic commands. The volunteers then posted the dog’s story on social media, prompting people to apply to be his new fur parent.

The dog’s custody was eventually given to a young child named Lacy. Lacy’s parents were the ones who applied on behalf of their daughter. They said that Lacy wished for a dog as a pet, so they thought of adopting Lucky for good.

Credits to City of Carrollton.


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