Whoever said that failing miserably is disappointing should watch this video of Kratu the dog. This funny pup maintained his composure even when he failed his agility test.

Kratu, whose full name is Baron Kratu von Bearbum is a rescue dog in Romania who entertained the crowd at an event where dog’s agility skills were tested.

Kratu was nowhere near acing his agility exam. In fact, he failed the course but he still looked happy about himself. No one in the audience cared even though Kratu miserably failed his agility course. He was still full of enthusiasm that the audience enjoyed the sight of him running around with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

The video shows how the poor pup continuously missed the hurdles. He seems to successfully jump the first hurdle but he just walks around the next ones. He also hides in the tunnels and seems to take a short break there. He also interacted with the people on the sidelines.

He still went on with the course not knowing that he’s not acing the test. In fact, he’s so bad at the agility course. However, he seemed to be having the time of his life anyway. The commentators and the crowd loved his positive attitude.

According to Kratu’s owner, the dog is a natural clown and a performer. He’s also naughty and always loves playing games. Sometimes, Kratu hides and squeals under his owner’s clothes.

He loves playing with balls and squeaky toys. He always wants to do what he wants. He is indeed a free-spirited pup. No wonder, it showed during the agility course.

The owner added, the dog was incredibly hard to train. He just wants to do what he wants and he’s too stubborn.

Although he wants to please his owner, Kratu seems to like pleasing himself more. Thus, he stays being a clown and does things which are interesting and fun for himself.

Kratu’s positive energy is something that we all need to learn from. The pup is definitely an inspiration for everyone to continue being happy and being yourself even when things don’t go your way.

Big thanks to Crufts for sharing the positive vibes video of Kratu’s agility course.


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