Dog owners do all that they can to make sure their pets stay healthy, happy, and loved. But what would happen to your furry babies when you can no longer care for them? Do you, at least, have someone who’d be willing to take them in once you’re gone?

While pets have a shorter lifespan compared to humans, it’s just right to think about the future of your beloved pets in case they outlive you. Accidents happen, and people get sick, and it’s important to prepare so you can protect the ones you love; humans and animals alike.

Just most recently, Loreta and Eldad of Hope For Paws rescued a homeless dog in L.A. The pup’s owner died, and the poor animal stayed inside the empty house for days. Trapped and without access to food or water, the dog felt sad, scared, and incredibly confused. Thankfully, someone called for help, and the rescuers found a new loving home for the dog.

The animal rescue organization helps more than a dozen homeless, neglected, and abused animals each week. Often, they encounter dogs that were left out on the streets because their owners died. And because of that, Hope For Paws decided to team up with Free Will so cherished pets don’t end up homeless the moment their owners pass away.

Free Will service allows the owner to write a legally valid will online, and they can do it without a charge. There are simple steps to secure your pet’s future. You just have to choose two individuals, either a family member or a friend who’s willing and able to provide the needs of your pets in case something happens to you. They also suggest to let your relatives and neighbors know about this emergency plan you have in place once you pick out your pet’s caregivers.

For now, Free Will is available in the United States, but their legal team continually works to expand the service to other countries. More and more pet owners in the country are taking advantage of this service. There’s no doubt you love your dogs, so plan ahead and secure their future.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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