Somewhere in Romania, an animal rescue worker received a call asking for assistance downtown. A dog in great pain needed help. The rescuer did not hesitate to drive to the reported location.

When the rescuer arrived at the scene, the woman who called approached him and pointed to the dog’s location. The poor dog screamed in pain when the rescuer touched it. The dog wanted to run away, but running was too painful for it.

Bringing the dog to the clinic as soon as possible

The rescuer swiftly picked up the dog and gave it a tight hug. He spoke softly to the dog until it calmed down. He gently carried the dog to his car and laid it at the back seat. He went directly to the nearest veterinary clinic.

He admitted the dog upon arrival at the clinic. The dog underwent an x-ray examination and other medical check-ups to see what was wrong with it. Surprisingly, the dog was calm and cooperative.

The rescuer bathed the dog and took good care of it. He managed to keep the dog calm during the treatments. The dog underwent emergency surgery for its broken femur. It was the cause of the pain the dog felt.

The surgery went very well. But it will take a few more weeks before the dog can walk again. Slowly, the dog recovered from its injuries. It took several days of trying to stand. The dog stayed at the clinic until its condition improved significantly.

On the road to recovery

After several weeks since the surgery, the dog finally took its first step without screaming in pain. The dog recovered entirely from his injuries. Its physical health also improved a lot. The dog gained weight and lived comfortably with the other dogs in the animal shelter.

The animal shelter tries to find new homes for all these abandoned stray dogs. Every time one of the dogs gets adopted, the space vacated will accommodate another rescued animal.

Special thanks to Stray Paws via Youtube for the image in the story.


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