The life of a Greyhound racer is pretty much just about running and going fast. They don’t know much about life outside the world of racing. So when the greyhound tracks in Florida started shutting down, a lot of these dogs needed a home outside of the track and live life at a slower pace.

Salem was one of those greyhounds who would no longer be living her life to a race. When Salem was taken in by his foster dad, she was very timid and shy around him and normal life in a house perplexed her. She didn’t leave her cage to explore, eat or drink the first night with her foster dad. Her dad grew worried but thankfully, she started to explore and familiarize herself with her new environment the next day.

Day by day, Salem started being more and more relax. She started figuring out that there was no more pressure to race like she did so many times in the past. But as Salem was got used to her new lifestyle, there also came some extra clinginess to her. She began having separation anxiety and she wouldn’t leave her dad’s side.

It was a bit of a challenge for her foster dad, but he knew that he needed to have more patience for Salem.

As time went on, Salem was able to work through her lifestyle transition. She’s now able to go and walk outside, to get food, to the store, and even to the beach where she had her first swim. She started showing that she can handle being in places with a lot of people and not be shaky. Salem’s foster dad wanted to keep her having gone through a lot with her but he decided that his traveling lifestyle wasn’t going to cut it for Salem.

He wanted the best for her and that was to be with a family who can constantly give her tender loving care.

Salem’s foster dad had already fostered a dog before named Diver and he was adopted by a sweet family. Fortunately, this same family was looking for a companion for Diver. So, Salem and Diver were arranged to meet and see if they would be compatible with each other so that they can take her to be with them and Diver.

Salem and Diver just clicked and became friends and they were just gentle with each other the moment they met. With that, his dad left Salem knowing that she would be loved just as much or even more by her new family. Truly, their days together were one of his best experiences ever.

Source: YouTube via The Dodo


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