A woman named Shafali has adopted a couple of dogs, and she loves having them with her. She loves dogs so much that she thought of helping another dog to find a home. That’s when she decided that she wanted to try fostering.

One day, she heard about a Chihuahua named Izzy. Izzy was a stray when she was found, and she was found in bad condition. She could hardly walk.

Since she was a stray, people from the shelter did not have her health history or background story. Shafali had to figure things out on her own. The first day that Shafali brought Izzy home, Izzy was terrified. She was shaking in fear.

Shafali was not sure if Izzy was wary of strangers or humans in general. Because of this, Shafali spent as much time as she could with Izzy. She wanted her to feel comfortable around her. Maybe Izzy should realize that humans are not so bad and would learn to trust Shafali.

After a couple of weeks together, Izzy he has slowly opened up. She was not entirely comfortable with other people yet, but she was getting there. Shafali was very proud of what Izzy has accomplished.

To help Izzy socialize more, Shafali would bring Izzy for walks. Since she can hardly walk, Shafali would bring her on a wagon, and it’s one of their favorite activities to do.

Izzy did not have a good start in life, and she deserves the best future. Now, Shafali is looking for a family for Izzy. She’s hoping that Izzy’s future family would be a friend of hers, a family member, or even one of her neighbors.

She wants to keep in touch with Izzy, and she wants to be involved in her life. Shafali knows that Izzy will be a great addition to any family, and she’s hoping that she will find one soon.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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