Wherever we go, we often find stray dogs barely surviving in the streets of a city or a town. It’s no wonder why there are quite a lot of cases of dogs being put down when they get caught by animal control. However, there are also individuals who have hearts of gold who will do anything they can to help out these wonderful creatures.

Once such person is named Pia. The story began when Pia visited a friend of hers in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her friend mentioned that they were trying to catch a dog running around their neighborhood.

Pia felt the need to look for this dog and eventually found him lying next to a house. When she looked at the dog’s eyes, she stated that it gave up on life and that there was no twinkle in its eyes even with her good intentions of rescuing him.

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The dog Pia found was in such a horrible condition. The dog’s all skin and bones, and there’s almost no fur on its skin anymore. Pia stated that if she left it for another night alone, it wouldn’t have made it alive the next morning.

So, Pia scooped up the dog and placed it on a cage. She then took it to the veterinarian to get treatment. The veterinarian told her that due to the dog’s severe emaciation, she had to wait at least three days to see if the dog can make it.

The dog refused to eat and lost two more pounds on those brief few days. However, Pia knew that the dog had a lot more life to give and she was patient with the dog.

Eventually, the dog pulled through and started eating again with the help of Pia comforting him and nursing him back to health. Pia knew that the dog wants to live and named him Hercules.

Pia took Hercules home to keep a closer look at him. Day after day, Hercules started to get stronger. He even started to walk again. Upon seeing Hercules get stronger and healthier by the day, Pia became emotional.

Hercules’s skin started to improve and gained more weight. He even started to grow fur again.

At first, Pia wanted to foster Hercules until he became healthy and ready for adoption. However, it all changed and Pia grew to love Hercules even more. She couldn’t handle the thought of Hercules being away from her. So, she decided to adopt Hercules herself.

Pia found Hercules on December 23 and considers him as a true Christmas present. He’s the sweetest and strongest dog she ever saw.

Thanks to Pia’s compassionate heart and her patience, Hercules found a family that truly loves him. Here’s a video of Hercules’s road to recovery and how Pia saved him from the verge of death. After you see this video, you wouldn’t even believe that it’s the same dog at the beginning of the video.

Video Source DogRescue via YouTube


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