The Animal Rescue Mission was founded by a dedicated dog lover named Shira Scott Astrof. The rescue organization rehabilitated stray dogs and educated dog owners on proper pet care.

When Shira heard about a woman in Tijuana that created a shelter with over two hundred dogs, she knew she wanted to lend a hand.

To the rescue

Once Shira and her team arrived in Tijuana, they saw hundreds of dogs that were poorly raised. Shira wanted to help the shelter owner so they decided that the team flew a large portion of the dog population back to Los Angeles with them.

Shira walked around the new city and saw a sixteen-year-old dog named Sol. The stray had both eyes shut and were unable to stand without leaning to one side.

When Shira sat down next to Sol, the dog leaned against her. At that moment, Shira knew she had to help the struggling senior dog. She wanted to take Sol to Los Angeles but the dog was too weak. Instead, a volunteer named Alex from the Animal Rescue Mission offered to stay behind and made sure Sol got the treatment he needed.

Journey to forever home

A week after their Tijuana trip, a dozen rescued dogs from Shira’s care found their own foster families. Luckily, Sol got a lot healthier and traveled with Alex to Los Angeles.

It took a few weeks before Sol was in prime condition and was ready to find his forever home. Shira wanted to adopt sol but she knew that he deserved someone that was always there for him.

Luckily, a friend of Shira named Molly was interested in adopting Sol. Shira trusted Molly and arranged for them to meet.

Molly and Sol formed an instant bond as soon as they met. Molly knew right away that Sol was the dog for her so she made the adoption official.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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