With the lockdowns imposed in every corner of the globe, everyone is forced to stay at home. This has been nothing but good news for pets as they get to see their fur parents more often than usual. However, this adorable English bulldog is feeling the opposite as he now can’t go out to play with the kids in their Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood.

Before the global lockdowns, Big Poppa has always enjoyed being outside, especially when he gets to be surrounded by kids. He is easily the most sociable pup in their area, and everyone loves giving him pets whenever they meet him on his walks.

However, since the imposition of the lockdown in their area, the three-year-old pooch is also forced to stay inside and do social distancing. So when he noticed the kids playing in the patio of the nearby building, he couldn’t help but feel sad that he couldn’t join them.

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Thankfully, despite not being able to go outside to meet up with his friends, Big Poppa is still receiving all the love he deserves from the netizens. After his fur mom, Rashida Ellis, uploaded a photo of him looking sad by the window, the post has gathered over 800,000 likes and almost 100,000 retweets on Twitter.

It also gained traction on Instagram, where it earned almost 50,000 likes. People are telling him to hang in there, saying they are already on the “waiting list” to play with him after the pandemic subsides. Elle also did her best to cheer up the lonely pup.

She would often sing him songs and bring him to more frequent walks so that he could get a glimpse of the outside. Hopefully, these heaps of love will get the social pup through the lockdown until he can play outside again. Look how sad the pooch is here.

Courtesy of @RaeElle


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