One morning, a 72-year-old homeless man named Pedro Carrion woke up to some devastating news. His beloved Chihuahua Mix Sky Dim was off his leash and nowhere to be found. With no one to help him, he felt completely defeated.

Unmatchable bond

Pedro and Sky Dim have been inseparable since the day they found each other. The two resided north of Palmetto Expressway where they search for food scraps and ask for spare change.

When Pedro lost Sky Dim, he had no clue whether the canine was stolen or if someone thought they were helping an abandoned dog. He explained that Sky was his service dog that helped him psychologically. With the pet missing, he feared the absolute worst.

A lot of locals witnessed Pedro and Sky’s relationship. Despite having little to nothing, Pedro always made sure that his dog was well-fed and taken regularly to the vet clinics.

Pedro’s story went viral locally and the community of dog lovers banded together to help. Involved parties started a GoFundMe page to help Pedro and Sky put a roof over their heads.

The reunion

After a few weeks, a surprising update appeared on Pedro’s GoFundMe page. The day before the post, a good samaritan returned Sky to his rightful owner. The dog was in great condition and Pedro was ecstatic to finally have his family back.

A beautiful video captured the tear-jerking reunion between Pedro and Sky. The dog looked overjoyed as he gave his dad kisses while wagging his tail.

Pedro was so thankful for everyone who did their part in getting Sky back. It was so wonderful to see a community of dog lovers coming together and working towards a goal.

The experience also leads to a lot of good news for Pedro.  The homeless man was assisted to apply for disability to further support himself and his dog. He felt overjoyed that he could finally give Sky more than what he deserved.

Photo Source: miamistrong via Instagram


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