Adam Herbaugh was walking his dogs when he spotted a stray pooch loitering around. The dog was friendly enough that he was able to get it and bring it to a veterinarian. Discovering that the dog had a microchip, they scanned it and learned that he was far away from home. Two thousand miles away approximately. The Coonhound named Jake was found in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania. According to his microchip, Jake was from Phoenix, Arizona.

Jake’s family was notified that he was found. They were as surprised as everyone that Jake was in good health. The dog was lost more than a year already. What was even more incredible was Jake’s journey home.

Kind strangers

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Jake’s family was ecstatic that he was found and was eager to get him back home. There was one hitch, though. Jake’s mom couldn’t make the 2,000-mile journey as she just had a baby. Learning of this predicament, a Pennsylvania based dog rescue organization came to help. A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue was able to organize a seemingly impossible task. Using the power of social media, they were able to get total strangers to help cover the distance.

For the next three days, twenty volunteers drove Jake to the arms of his waiting family. Each volunteer drove approximately a hundred miles each, passing Jake from car to car across ten states. Jake’s homeward travel was well chronicled in social media. Each volunteer posted photos of their time with the lovable dog. Jake was wearing a white shirt with the words “Arizona or Bust.” Each volunteer would write their name on the shirt as they pass him on. Its a beautiful remembrance for this dog’s epic adventure.

At the last hundred miles, Jake’s dad was waiting. Finally, Jake’s odyssey was at its final stretch. No one may ever learn of how Jake went that far, but more importantly, we know how he was able to come home.

Source: Inside Edition via Youtube


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