It’s really hard to resist those cute puppy eyes when they catch your attention. The moment you see those sad eyes, you will be hooked and there’s no turning back.

This stray dog really knows how to convince these humans at the Subway sandwich shop in New Mexico.

Meet this stray dog named Sally. Every day she stops by at this Subway shop and begs for food. The employees there simply could not resist this angel. So they feed her every day and make sure she doesn’t miss a meal. Whenever Subway is still closed and Sally gets hungry, she crosses over to the Taco Bell located across the street and the employees there do the same for this cutie. Because of their love for this canine, they named her Subway Sally.

One night, Giovanni Luhman, one of the employees at Subway took a video of Sally and posted it on Tiktok because he thought of how cute this pooch was. To his surprise, the video had gone viral overnight and had hit more than 10 million views. People were going crazy over Sally!

Giovanni did not expect any of this to happen but he was so happy that a lot of people were fond of this stray dog. He just wishes that people continue to extend their concern for stray dogs beyond social media. Gio says that the town of Portales in New Mexico is a poor town and that Sally is only one of many stray dogs who needs more help.

Many people in Portales couldn’t afford to pay for pet food so their dogs sometimes end up on the streets. This inspired Gio to start a local drive to help poor families provide food for their furry babies. He also promised that he and his co-workers would still continue to feed and take care of Subway Sally.

Kudos to the people over at Subway in Portales, New Mexico for being such amazing humans to our stray dogs!

Video courtesy of CBS News


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