There’s something about a bad experience that leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. While we do everything we could to forget that incident and move on, it’s easier said than done.

That’s what happened with this pittie named Nala. An animal shelter in New Zealand rescued her. Even when she was safe in the shelter, Nala refused to interact with the shelter’s owner, Abbie Van der Plax.

She ended up staying on the floor for two days with Nala, with no improvement in the dog’s behavior. Fortunately, things suddenly changed when Abbie’s seven-year-old son Zach joined them.

Nala immediately stood up and came near the boy, leaving her sad corner,  sniffing Abbie’s offered hand. It led Abbie to think that the family that abandoned Nala had a kid that made her feel safe.

Aww, we’re sorry, Nala; we don’t know why you were left alone on the streets, but at least you now have this foster family to take care of you. Soon, you’ll find your forever home.

Nala would do everything with Abbie’s two boys, but she was closer to Zach. The doggo would go on walks with him and sleep beside him on his bed. Perhaps, he reminded Nala of a little buddy somewhere.

Fortunately, after four years of fostering Nala, she found her forever family. It’s not easy to adopt a pet during this pandemic, but thanks to this shelter owner’s efforts, the stray’s now with her family.

We’re sure that Zach gets visiting rights, and we’re optimistic that Nala’s current owners will always welcome the Van der Plax family to their homes.

We’re glad that this rescue story’s one of those happy-ending ones. Nala deserves it, and thankfully, she won’t be left alone ever again. Excellent work, you guys! You gave this doggo her best life!

Photo and video credits to Inside Edition via YouTube


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