So you have eyed a new puppy and you have talked to the owner who is selling the pup. Now, the question that you have now is just when would be the right time for you to bring him home? Is it alright to go ahead and bring the puppy home after birth? Or do you have to wait for several weeks or months so that the puppy would all be independent and can adapt quickly in your home? Talking to an expert on puppies and a really famous breeder, these questions have finally been answered.

When is the right time?

An interview with a respected dog breeder revealed that there is scientific data as per when a puppy should be brought home. This is at seven weeks which falls at 49 total days. Earlier than that period would not be really good despite the buyer wanting to bring it home already. The best time would always be seven weeks. There is a reason behind this.

The puppy litter actually is an environment where competition is high. The reason for having a puppy stay in the litter for up to seven weeks would be so that it would be able to start to be independent and is now all ready for the world. However, if a puppy stays on too long with his litter, he may actually start to become used to the whole environment. It would mean that the puppy can either be too dominant or too submissive. This behavior would be brought by the puppy until they became adult dogs. This can be a source of problems when they grow older.

Can the puppy socialize?

Socialization is a very important factor for puppies and for dogs. These animals are very social beings and they would definitely work well when they are able to interact with other dogs or even with humans. This is something that many dog owners do not really know about and the time of bringing home a puppy is a very important factor on how social your dog may be.

A puppy starts to learn about socialization when it is around three weeks old right up until they are already 14 weeks old. During this time, the puppies are learning about their environment and are also learning about themselves and how they would be as dogs. Their activities would actually reflect just how they would become later on when they become adults. This is also the peak time when they would actually start working on the skills that they would be bringing with them as they grow old. That is why experts suggest that if you would like to teach your dog tricks, this would definitely the best time to do such a thing.

When a puppy is in an environment where they interact frequently with humans or with other dogs, they start to know how to act around them. That is why at 7 weeks, the puppy should already be brought to their new home so that he could already know just who they would be usually interacting and socializing with.


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