Dogs and cats are quite popular around the world as known enemies. The popular thinking is that they will never be friends with each other. They will continuously fight each other. And that is displayed in plenty movies, cartoons, and shows that are shown all around the world.

When it comes to dogs and cats, people also have their own beliefs and favorites. There are people who are known lovers of dogs. And then there are also people who are known lovers of cats. There are only a few who want both dogs and cats. For most, it is always about finding one animal to be the best over any other animal out there. There have always been stereotypes when it comes to this and it seems like a study done by popular social media site Facebook proves that this is quite true.

What Facebook did

For many people, it does not matter if you are a person who loves cats or if you are a person who is into dogs. But for the sake of research, Facebook did an analysis to see what is the difference between these two types of people. What it did was it actually went through accounts using updates on statuses as well as uploads of photos of people. It was able to get some really interesting information. This is based on the information that they were able to gather.

Who has more friends?

Well, it does look like those who love dogs actually have a lot more friends as compared to those who love cats. This is perhaps because those who love dogs are a lot more outgoing. Of course, this is based on the number of friends on Facebook. As per numbers, dog people have actually 26 more friends on Facebook as compared to those who are cat people. This means that they have more online connections. Cat people are the ones who get more invites to events. It was not disclosed though if the cat people actually attend those invitations that get.

Who dates more?

With regards to the study, it was found out that just like their pets, those who love cats are more likely to just be single. It definitely looks just like how it is perceived that those who are old ladies prefer to be in the companionship of cats. Around 30 per cent of cat lovers actually were single and this is more as compared to dog lovers who were at around 24 per cent. The difference is not that huge though so this can be pretty much inconclusive.

What is their form of entertainment?

For cat lovers, they are actually into doing their activities indoors. When choosing genre for the books, movies, and television shows that they dig, they prefer those that are from the genres of science and fiction, anime, and fantasy. On the other hand, those who love dogs mostly like stories that dwell on dogs as well as stories about love – just quite the reflection of how dogs mostly are.


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