When you ask a dog-loving kid what they want for their birthday, they will usually answer you with “a puppy.” No kid will ever tell you that they want a senior dog for their birthday. Well, perhaps Robbie Gay will be the only exception. This eight-year-old boy would rather adopt a senior dog than a puppy.

Robbie was adopted by Maria and Charles Gay. Before they became Robbie’s official parents, the boy had to endure a brutal past. He was abused many times and had to be hospitalized on several occasions. This is the main reason why he has a special affinity for senior dogs.

When Robbie came into the Gay household, Maria was worried that there’s something wrong with her new son. He never cried, which was unusual. Perhaps it was the repetitive abuse that made him that way. Until one day, when one of their dogs had to be euthanized, Robbie started crying.

After their pup was put down, Robbie told his parents that he knows what it feels like not to be loved or cared for and that he didn’t want any pet of his to have the same experience. This was a breakthrough for Robbie, and ever since then, Maria and her son made it their mission to take care of senior dogs.

Senior pups are often neglected and uncared for at the shelters. So they frequently visit the Flagler County Humane Society at Palm Coast, Florida, to take care of the elderly dogs. Robbie shared that when he’s all grown up, he will adopt as many older foster children as he can. But for now, he will be taking in foster dogs as practice, as many as his parents will allow him to have.

The recently adopted senior pup, a Shih Tzu named Molly. This pup’s owner had to be transferred to a nursing home where pets aren’t allowed. She wouldn’t have a fighting chance to find a home if she was brought to the shelters, so Robbie will be taking him home. At such a young age, Robbie has become an embodiment of human compassion.

Credits: CBS Evening News


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