With everything that has occurred in 2020, it just doesn’t feel right to go ahead and celebrate the year’s major events anymore. However, this adorable French bulldog from Texas is changing that as he lifts everyone’s Halloween spirits with his 31-day costume extravaganza.

When Amy Herrington and her husband adopted Toad, the Frenchie, earlier this year, they immediately realized what perfect timing it was. You see, after only a few weeks of having the pup, stay-at-home orders were put in place in their town in Dallas, Texas.

This left the couple with more time but fewer things to do. So in a bid to combat their boredom, Amy suggested that they create some social media pages for Toad, where they could share all of his hilarious pictures and videos. Amy’s husband loved the idea, and soon enough, Toad’s TikTok and Instagram pages were born.

At first, Amy would only upload bare photos and clips of the pup on the platforms. However, she later realized no better way to showcase Toad’s cuteness than dressing him up in adorable kid costumes. So after brainstorming concepts and gathering up her supplies, the fur mom began to execute her plan.

She first started to dress Toad up in a simple bow and kids’ pants until the pooch got comfortable with the costumes. From there, they decided to do more complicated outfits, including impersonations of American rapper MC Hammer, singer-songwriter Elton John, and even the crab, Sebastian, from Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Toad’s online following immediately skyrocketed in the past months, thanks to his adorable costumes. That was why when October came around the corner, Amy and her husband decided to do a month-long costume showcase until Halloween.

They call it “Toad’s 31 Days of Halloween,” and he got dressed up in different costumes every day in October to lift everyone’s spirits. The couple had already plotted out what they would dress Toad up for the next few weeks.

And we couldn’t help but look forward to his ultimate Halloween costume by the end of the month. Look at the adorable Frenchie’s October 1st costume here.


Courtesy of goodboytoad


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