It most cases, favoritism is frowned upon. But in specific situations giving special attention to someone is justified. If you have a sibling that is born with special needs, you will surely understand when they receive more care. The following story is an example of such a case.

In a household far away, there’s a labrador named Daisy Duke. She just gave birth to eight adorable puppies. Her litter is packed. Daisy took it upon herself to take care of a particular puppy. The one considered the runt of the pack.

Runts are born smaller than their siblings. They are quite underdeveloped. This means that for them to have an equal chance of surviving, they need special attention.

Daisy makes sure to give extra kisses to the runt. Also, every time the little puppy cries, Daisy is there for her. Licks and cuddles are aplenty for the little one.

Daisy does all this while the other puppies are asleep. This behavior first surfaced when the owner counted the puppies. Initially, they thought Daisy only gave birth to seven. Soon the owners realized that Daisy had been picking up the little runt using her mouth.

While she makes time to feed the runt, Daisy makes sure the other puppies are well-fed as well. Daisy is one of the best labrador moms out there.

One can’t help but wonder what Daisy is thinking while caring for the little one. She must be thinking about how precious this particular puppy is. What will Daisy say?

Since Daisy is aware of how fragile the runt is, it more likely she’ll communicate about being careful when around her and the little one. Her actions reflect it. She keeps the run nearby all the time and sometimes to the point of even concealing it. This also makes sure she receives the proper warmth.

Video courtesy of Life With Labradors via YouTube.


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