All of us have this Monday morning laziness – that moment when we enjoyed too much during the weekend, and then we feel that it’s such a daunting task to get up on a Monday morning. Well, that’s how Malcolm, an adorable dog from Scotland, feels!

In a viral video online, you’ll see Malcolm, who seemed to enjoy sleeping and won’t get out of bed in the morning. He looked like he’s having the time of his life while dozing off on a comfortable bed. You’ll also hear the voice of a man convincing him to wake up, but the dog remained asleep.

Exceptionally cozy in bed, even after telling him to go out for a walk or eat food cannot persuade Malcolm to get up — he just continued to sleep peacefully instead. Malcolm is such a pleasant view to see, and he looks so adorable having a great time sleeping on a big and soft mattress as if there’s no tomorrow.

According to Mhairi-Louse Brennan, Malcolm’s owner, she said that her dad tried to wake up her dog, but he won’t get up. Instead, he enjoys his trip to dreamland and has no plans to face the day. This video is relatable to most people because Malcolm portrays humans in a precise way, especially in the early morning of a workday.

Have you ever wonder how long our dogs sleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, dogs usually get 12 to 14 hours of sleep in a 24-hour cycle. However, puppies sleep longer compared to adult dogs; they can sleep for 18 to 20 hours long. Breeds who are larger tend to sleep more than the smaller types. It’s believed dog’s breed can be an attribute to their sleep cycle. Malcolm is a little dog, but the video confirms that his sleeping ability’s similar to a large dog!

Dogs have a remarkable and excellent ability when it comes to sleeping, but they are also alert and swift to get up! Interestingly, Malcolm seems to be the kind of dog that can stay up to how many hours in bed, making the most of his”day-off.”

Source: mlcoolj2


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