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This pit bull named Roxy got dumped by her previous owner when she was still a puppy. The volunteers of the Teckles Animal Sanctuary (TAS) received feedback from the dog’s former owners, saying Roxy is a dangerous pooch and must be put to the euthanasia list.

But while the former owners alleged that the pooch is dangerous, the volunteers think otherwise. For the volunteers, Roxy is the sweetest dog of her breed the shelter had in recent memory. But since there is a negative idea about pit bulls, Roxy receives the judgment she does not deserve.

For over eight years, the dog spent her life inside TAS. The volunteers said that the dog finds it hard to find a new home because of her breed. The volunteers felt disappointed because people do not give Roxy a chance to show her attitude. But the volunteers know that they could not force a potential adopter to adopt a dog they do not like.

Even then, the volunteers still worked hard to give Roxy a loving home she deserves. At the age of 10, Roxy finally received good news. A couple agreed to adopt the pooch. Roxy’s adoption happened during Christmas. It was Leanne and Sam, who became the dog’s new fur parents.

Leanne and Sam are both animal lovers. According to the couple, when they first saw Roxy in the shelter, they already fell in love with the pooch. When they learned about Roxy’s story, they all the more felt the need to adopt the pooch. At first, they pitied the dog, but later on, it is their love for animals that made them decide to take Roxy.

The couple processed all the needed documents for Roxy’s adoption, and in no time, they received the approval. It is Roxy’s first Christmas outside the animal shelter. The volunteers shared the happiness that Roxy felt during that time, and they only wish the best for the pooch in her new home.

Posted by Teckels Animal Sanctuaries on Saturday, December 1, 2018

Credits to Teckels Animal Sanctuaries.


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