Maisy, an adorable Pit Bull, currently lives her best life with her mom, Marisa Elbert. You can tell from their faces how happy they are to have each other as companions. But it hasn’t always been that way. Their lives were very much different before they knew each other.

Marisa is not the first owner of Maisy. The lovely pit bull once lived with a family who only wanted to use her for breeding. They kept the poor pup in a tiny kennel, and they only let her out whenever they attempt to breed her.

Things never went according to plan because Maisy never had puppies. Eventually, Maisy’s family thought she was a waste of time and money. They also thought she was ugly and that nobody would want her, so they considered putting her down.

Luckily, a family friend stepped in and suggested putting up Maisy for adoption at a shelter instead. It was a terrible experience for Maisy overall, but at least she was safe and away from the people who did not have her best interest at heart.

Marisa, on the other hand, also went through a rough time in her life. She lost three significant figures: First, she lost her father, and then the following year, her mother. On top of that, she also lost her beloved pet dog.

Maisy’s and Marisa’s paths crossed when the shelter posted Maisy’s photo on the shelter website. Marisa’s friend found the pit bull’s picture and tagged her. She believed that a new pet dog will make her happy again.

When the two finally met, they seem to like each other right away. It was Maisy’s woo sound that she makes that captured her attention. On Maisy’s first day, Marisa threw a toy, and Maisy started making that sound.

According to Marisa, Maisy makes the woo-ing sound whenever she’s extremely happy or excited. She also does this whenever Marisa talks to her. Since then, it was their special way of communication. Marisa was sure that welcoming Maisy into her life was a sign that her parents are just around.

Apart from enjoying Marisa’s company, Maisy also created a special bond with her other pets: a cat named Motor and two other horses. Sometimes, Maisy sleeps in the stall to keep them company. Overall, their relationship was always awesome; it was as if Maisy meant to be with her new family.

Two beings, previously in a difficult life situation, found comfort in each other. Maisy and Marisa both lost a family and felt that life was hopeless. But when they each other, their lives became whole again.

Watch Marisa’s and Maisy’s full story here:

Source: Only Viral via YouTube


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