There’s this old saying that goes, “If it looks silly, but it works — it’s not silly.” This adage can be seen as a funny justification of unusual solutions people have to their problems. As funny as it may sound, it does make perfect sense. Sometimes what people need is just to get the results they’re aiming for in any method that gets them there, and how silly they look doing it, isn’t that important.

It sounds basic, and that’s why animals can be the best ones to exemplify this thinking. Take Sid, the Bull Terrier, for example. He’s the star of a viral video that invoked laughter from the netizens all over the world. He saw a problem that got in the way of him and his dog food, and he solved it in a snap. The way he solved it wasn’t exactly a display of finesse, but boy did it get the job done.

A little background about our star pup. Sid is a deaf pup who loves life and doesn’t let his disability get in the way of living his. He’s a big old goofball just like any other regular dog. He likes to stare at pinwheels, sit where he pleases, and sleep in the most uncomfortable positions. He was rescued by a non-profit group called Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue.

One day, his owner decided to help train him with the aid of a slow feed dog bowl or a puzzle bowl. This is basically a dog bowl that has ridges or barriers that discourage gulping of dog food. This is used to train pups to eat slowly and chew their food. Dogs who gulp their food in an instant suffer from indigestion, and this contraption helps avoid that.

In the video that went viral within days, Sid was filmed eating from the slow feed bowl that his owner bought him. At first, he was calmly working his way through it. We don’t know what happened that day, but it seemed that he was famished during that moment. The puzzle bowl wasn’t helping, so he decided to lift it up and turn it upside down, and the dog food fell on the floor. Bon appetit, Sid!

Credits: sidsidthenaughtykid



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