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Most of us don’t spend so much on clothes or we only splurge on special occasions. As for designer clothes, that’s even rarer. But, there are just some people who can afford to splurge on their pets, more than on themselves. That is true for one woman living in Rochester, Kent. Leone Galler, the owner of a chihuahua and Bichon mix, has no regrets spending money on her dogs.


Treating her dogs like royalty is normal for Leone. In fact, she’s already spent more than £20,000 on her two dogs – mostly for designer clothing. Leone said that the money does not matter because every penny is worth it. Her dogs make her happy and it’s only right to treat them with so much love and care. Aside from expensive clothes, the puppies are also treated to expensive foods.


Romeo, the three-year-old Chihuahua, and Reggie, the Bichon mix, are fed with steaks every day and are served with sparkling water to go with it. Leone reckons that the average expenditure for food is around £80 per month. She also sets aside a budget of £45 on each grooming session as well as around £300 for silk jackets with Swarovski crystals and cashmere jackets. That’s just how fabulous the life of the two dogs is.


You’d wonder why she’s doing it. Well, according to Leone, her pups loved being dressed in luxurious fabrics and stylish furdrobe clothes. It started with her dressing the dogs in jumpers so they won’t get cold. And then, she noticed how much the pups loved the bows and jackets. She said that she can actually see the dogs smiling when they are dressed in expensive clothing.


As for the sparkling water, Leone said that her pets actually refused to drink tap water. One day, she put down a glass of sparkling water and the pups started drinking. That’s when she realized that it’s what they need. You might think that it’s a bit extravagant but Leone said that she will always do what’s best for her pups and she has the money anyway.

You can check out Reggie and Romeo’s adventures on their Instagram account!


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